How to import solutions as read only

Hi all,

I would like to import external solutions in the read only mode. Is there a way how to do it?

Currently I am using using add Project Libraries (Build, Execution, Deployment > Project Libraries). The imported solutions are a bit hidden in the Logical View, they are shown only in the Modules Pool (that's good). However, they are not read only.

Thank you in advance.


Read-only status appears on modules, which are packaged. It doesn't depend on whether the module belongs to the project or was contributed by a project library setting.

You can package your solution and add resulting jars to ProjectLibraries directory or contribute packaged solutions by plugin. 


Hi Mihail,

Is there a simple way in which user could create such jars?

Note user is more interested to import MPS concepts rather than the generated code.

Thank you in advance.




This can be done by a build script. See mpsActions root for a simple example. You'll need to create a similar script to package your solution(s) and run it (by an action in script's context menu)


To create a plugin that contributes solutions, use Build Script Wizard: Logical View->right-click on a project-> New-> Build Solution


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