Keyboard not working correctly with latest MPS on OS X

I have downloaded the latest (3.4.4) for OS X (running El Capitan) and I'm having issues - Command anything (e.g. Command X to cut) does not work - the menu flickers like it recognises it but nothing happens. Also when I use the keyboard cursor keys square characters are inserted rather than moving the cursor. Any ideas what I can do? I don't get this issue in other apps like Idea.


Hi Paul,

what Keymap is selected in the Preferences? Are you using the US keyboard layout?




Hi Vaclav,

I'm using the OS X keymap. I also tried the OS X 1.5+ but I get the same behaviour. The keyboard is the UK layout.



I tried with the US keyboard layout but I get the same behaviour. Interestingly the cursor keys work if I choose the Russian layout.


Hi, Paul!

Are you running MPS with bundled JDK?

If yes, can you try installing Oracle JDK, downloading MPS-3.4.4-macos.dmg (no bundled JDK) and try it.


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