Hi, In one of my projects I have added a model change listener to listen to my model and make appropriate changes. Ever since then I have started to get "ModuleClassLoaderIsDisposedException" some times when I rebuild my language and try to change something in my model within the editor. If I restart MPS after getting this exception, then everything starts working again.


You have to remove your listener in the dispose method of your project plugin.

Every time you rebuild your language, MPS creates a new class loader that loads the new version of the language. The ModuleClassLoaderIsDisposedException tells you that there are still instances of an old class used somewhere. In this case it's the listener that was not removed when the old version of the language was unloaded.


Hi Sascha, yes you are write about that. I removed the listener in the dispose block of the project plugin and that resolved the issue of "ModuleClassLoaderDisposedException".


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