Using External libraries which use external libraries themselves


I want to use external java code in my MPS project. After looking at different threads I was able the external source code into my language by adding Model root (java_source_stubs) in my language properties and making that Model Root point to the source code folder.

I also added the path of the source code in the java tab of the language properties.

But when I tried to rebuild the language it gives error that it cannot resolve imports in the external code I'm using. Because my external code is also using some third party libraries.

In order to resolve these imports, I tried to add these external libraries as well in my language as a Root Model (java_classes),

but that didn't work either. And I got an exception stating that

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Path variable `C:\Users\qam7rng\Documents\language-workbench\DASP\languages\DASP\BEAGLE4EE_v1.6.0\lib\' does not point to a directory or to a jar/zip location

I'm not sure how to resolve this issue.



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Have you tried to add the jars to the Runtime solution (from the pics, seems that you are adding them to the language)?

Also, I add my jars as "java_classes", not "java_source_stubs"...



Sérgio Ribeiro
Porto - Portugal



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