External Jar issues

Hi all,

I have imported external jar in my language and want to use it inside my plugin in MPS. The image show the directory structure I need my jar to work with. To run, it needs configuration files, libraries etc which are in respective folders.

My Jar is working fine independently outside MPS when I run it through CMD. Now I want to use this jar inside MPS plugin so I have copied the all four folders and my jar to the location where my language .mpl file is. When I import the jar in the language and then in plugin, it compiles but on running it cannot locate configuration files etc. How can I fix this?

Thanks in adnvance.

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It turned out that current working directory of MPS is JetBrains\MPS 3.4\bin, so this is where the plugin was trying to locate configuration folder e.t.c. and not where the jar is copied.


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