Migration from MPS 3.3.5 to 2017.x

Hey guys,

Migration to a new version is my plan, to enjoy all the new MPS features. :)
My question is in regard to the migration from 3.3.5 to 2017.x.

What was your experience? I also depend on mbeddr packages. Was everything working as expected?




We're still working on it.

For some projects (e.g., NextflowWorkbench) we have to wait for  some mbeddr packages to be released on for 2017.x (e.g., RichText).

For others, we migrated without too many difficulties (ignoring the usual deprecated methods that get replaced with calls to other deprecated methods).

A key roadblock we have not solved yet is that a plugin that builds won't install correctly in the platform (some languages in this plugin do not appear, despite no problem reported when building the plugin or installing it in 2017.x). This is the main reason why we have not released MetaR for 2017.1/2 at this time.


Thanks Fabien,

this sounds like there's also some work to do for me. Are the problems related to the migration from 3.4 to 2017.x or from 3.3.5 to 3.4?



On our side we had no major problems; the only issue we had was on the OpenAPI side where some methods we used were removed and we had to find the replacements.

However, like Fabien, we also depend on mbeddr, so we can't really complete the transition until they have a 2017.x version of their own :-(


Sérgio Ribeiro

Porto - Portugal



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