Strip implementation when building the languages using gradle or ant buildScripts

I have written a buildscript and toggled the strip implementation part to true in the plugin Section.

Everytime when I build the languages from commandline using ant or gradle, I have to toggle it true manually.

Can we code there like System.getproperty("stripImplementation") to get the boolean property return?

 So that I dont need to change it manually look up on it.

Thanks in advance,



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Could you please provide more details, what's layout of your distribution? If you specify a plugin in a layout section of your build script, with BuildMpsLayout_Plugin.stripImplementation == true, and do not use custom packaging for your modules/plugin content, then generated build script shall have <copyModels> task under <assemble> target, and there'd be stripImplementation attribute reflecting the value from BuildMpsLayout_Plugin. 

If you do custom packaging, you'd need to specify the value per module.

You can check solution from MPS sources. There's stripImplementation model with a sample build script that uses stripImplementation parameter of BuildMpsLayout_Plugin.


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