Problem transforming model to model

I have an structure StructureA in LanguageA and a StructureB in LanguageB. Both have a property name of type string. I want to transform StructureA to StructureB. So I created a new root mapping rule in the generator. I selected StructureA as a concept and selected StructureB in the new root template. Pressed enter.. The new file appears in the project tree but the mapping is not created. Following error occurs after building:

no template is defined for the rule.. 

Creating a root template for a class works without problems.. Any idea how I can fix this or what I'm missing here?

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StructureB must implement INamedConcept for this to work.

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Hi Vaclav,

Thanks for the help. That fixed that issue.

I'm following this training In the video the teacher adds an Property macro to map the names from structureA to structureB. But it's not available in the intentions list. It is available when I map it to a Java class. Any idea how to fix this? 



I fixed it.. Editor for the concept was missing. 


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