Switching to different Scheme makes the editor behaviour bad

Hi All,


While starting the mps, by default I will be on the intellij theme.

I have two cases with the Quick Scheme Switch changes.


1. I am switching to the Dracula theme and then switch to Intellij theme back. I have to close all editors and open it again to bring the scheme changes.

2. Switching it to Dracula theme from default theme and then invalidating the caches. It restarts now and the dracula theme is applied only to the editor.

   And now if we switch to the intellij theme, it doesnt work. And again we have to switch to Dracula and then to intellij scheme. It works fine but some of the windows were not altering its theme.


Can you please get me the problem resolution?





Hi Narendran,

Why you need to switch so much between schemes?

Currently there is a problem in switching schemes without MPS restart, so the solution is to restart MPS after scheme change.

Am I right to assume by your question, that every time you start MPS it is on default scheme? If it is so, then you have some problems with saving MPS settings. Chosen scheme must remain after restart. Even more - if you import settings from previous version it also saves all your settings.


No. Reverting the themes back is not currently syncing properly with the editor. 


If you change theme and apply change, than you need to restart MPS. Reverting it back without restarting or doing it after restart without another restart, for now can lead to unexpected behaviour in color.
Bug is known: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/MPS-21606


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