Missing basic features

Hoping someone can tell me where I've gone wrong.

I'm watching the demo video here:



I'm not able to do anything basic. 

For example:

  • I am unable to select multiple lines of code with the mouse?  The only way I can highlight text is holding shift and up/down keys.
  • when highlighting I don't get any refactoring options in the context menu or shortcuts?  The only refactor option is "Move Node"


I'm obviously missing something because as this sits right now, this is extremely inefficient and seems pointless.

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Control/Cmd + Up/Down keys in combination with Shift + arrows are typically used for code selection. Mouse selection is indeed not supported.

The robot language does not have any refactorings defined, since its primary purpose is to serve as an entry-level example. Refactorings are part of a language definition and it is up to the language authors to provide refactorings that they believe would help the users of the language.




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