Cascading import of Runtime solutions


in order to build our languages within our CI infrastructure, I am trying to decouple the languages and (runtime) solutions we use. One issue I cannot solve is how to realise cascading runtime solutions.

Imagine runtime solution A (JavaFx) providing a jar and runtime solution B (VWorkflows) depending on A and providing some certain other library that depends on A's jar. They both provide MPS plugins that bundle their own jar.

If I then create a language C (bLanguage) that depends on B, I am unable to create a valid build script for C. My expectation is that providing the dependency to B is enough to build it. Unfortunately, this does not work. Generation of C's build script complains it cannot find A's jar, e.g:

(Please note: My experiments are in quotes here. Adding them makes it work. However I think this is not correct - it is not feasible to note all dependencies of dependencies...)

What am I doing wrong here? Any hints? Are my build scripts correct for this use case?

Any help appreciated :)


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Bumping this. Has anyone also observed the above and knows how to wirte 'correct' buildscripts and build such solutions/languages 'correctly'?


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