Substitutemenus are not available when a node is attributed

I have a language for representing classroom of a school. 

Here when we press Ctrl+Space in IClassContent, Substitue menus are available as shown in the above image.

Now i have an attribute concept, as 

I am using an intention to attach the attribute to the node. Now if i made an IClassContent node as attributed, Substitute menus are not coming. 

Is there a way to make substitute menus available for IClassContent node, even after attaching it to the attribute?

EDIT: When there is no attribute, the selectedCell.getSubstituteInfo() gives a not null value. The same cell returns null after annotation. Do we have to modify the editor of TestNode, so that substitute menus will come properly?

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Dear Nandha,

Currently, the only way is to specify the substitute menu for the IClassContent itself:

1) Create the transformation menu which wraps the corresponding substitute menu and keeps all the attributes (see the image):

2) Attach this transformation menu to the cell of the IClassContent_Editor:

That would do the thing.

The inconvenience here would be that you will need to attach the menu to the cells of every subconcept of IClassContent

Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to attach it to the "attributed node" cell in the editor of the attribute. I've created the corresponding issue: MPS-27011

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Thanks for the response Semen Alperovich 


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