MPSSamples, Kajak rebuild issues warnings.

Hi, I am new to MPS. I just installed MPS, and clicked "Open Sample Project" and selected "MPSSamples.2017.2.3\robot_Kaja".

The project opens correctly. From the Project (Logical View) I right click root ("Kajak"), and select "Rebuild Project",

I see the following output:

eg: " Failed to replace dynamic reference 'classifier' with static counterpart: no target; resolveInfo=jetbrains.mps.samples.KajaAndOr.actions.ActionAspectDescriptorImpl. Dynamic reference is left intact. "

The scripts seem to run fine, but I am concerned that I have not done the MPS installation correctly.

1. Should the robot_Kaja example build cleanly?
2. How do I go about tracking down the cause of these warnings?

Thanks for your help.




Official comment

Hello Phil,

  1.   This warnings will not affect building and execution of the project. They are result of some internal changes in generator. So it does not in any way connected with MPS installation, so everything is ok.
    You've pointed to the right issue and warning will be gone after fix - you can watch it or even vote for it!
  2. Some errors/warnings can show their source in editor by double-click on corresponding row (but not this one).

Well, it looks like my problem could be related to this bug report (MPS-25548).


Thanks Victor!


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