Does any one know how to generate an ion-card?

Hello, I want to generate this code:


But I dont know how to generate.

Firstable, I created a concept called IonCard with the properties "Title" and "Subtitle" and also I created a concept editor for the concept of IonCard that has the 2 properties of the concept (title and subtitle).

The problem comes when I created a template declaration, I dont know what to write because the code that I have previusly written above I cant write it.

Can you help me?? Please

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I suggest to take inspiration from the StateChart sample project (bundled with MPS). Your generator must import the j.m.core.xml language, so that you can create "xml files" as templates.



Thanks for your help Vaclav Pech. Your answer has helped me a lot.


Does anyone know how to generate an ion-card? Creating ion-cards in Ionic framework involves using simple HTML and CSS components. These cards are perfect for displaying content in a structured format. For detailed guidance, refer to the official Ionic documentation or community forums. Keep track of your coding notes with printed pens, which add a personal touch to your learning process and ensure you stay organized while working on your projects.


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