When I preview the generated text, only the parent concept appears

Hi everyone!

I have developed a language to be able to generate code that will go to a test app. I am doing it with XML.
I have a grandfather concept that would be a "Encuesta", a father that would be a "Pregunta", and there will be several children that would be question types.

My problem is that when I click on "Previw Generated Text" only the code of the parent component appears, instead of the parent and children.

Here is the repo: https://github.com/00DTM/MPS-project

Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, but the repo does not seem to contain a valid MPS project, or at least it does not extract into one for me.

I tried it twice and it works for me. When you extract the contents of winrar, does it not let you open it?

Anyway, thank you very much.

Basically my files are these:

















I would expect your map_encuesta template to include a COPY_SRCL macro for the preguntas child, for example something like this:





Currently the root template does not indicate whether and where the preguntas should be in the generated xml.


Thanks u a lot! It help me so much! Thanks!


  1. Interface Issue: It's possible that there's an issue with the user interface of the tool you're using. Check if there are any buttons, options, or settings that you might need to adjust to see the full generated text.

  2. Rendering Delay: Depending on the platform, there might be a rendering delay before the full generated text appears. This could be due to the processing time required to generate the text idm crack file. Give it a moment to see if the complete text shows up.

  3. Content Length: It's possible that the generated text is quite lengthy and only a portion of it is displayed initially. In such cases, there might be an option to expand or scroll through the generated content to see the full text.


It seems like you're encountering an issue where the generated text in the preview is shorter than expected, and only the parent concept is visible. This could be due to several reasons, and here are some potential solutions:

Concept Clarity: Make sure the parent concept is well-defined and clear. If the parent concept is too broad or vague, the AI may struggle to generate meaningful content.

Prompt Clarity: Provide a clear and concise prompt that specifies your requirements and expectations. The prompt should be structured in a way that guides the AI towards the desired output.

Prompts and Concepts: Ensure that both the prompts and the associated concepts are relevant to the task. The AI generates text based on the information provided in the prompts and concepts, so they should be closely related to the desired output.

Contextual Information: Include additional context or information in your prompts or concepts if necessary. Sometimes, the AI may require more context to generate a longer and more detailed response.

Rephrasing: Try rephrasing your prompt or concept to provide more explicit instructions or information. Sometimes, a slight rewording can make a significant difference in the generated output.


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