How to implement editors for specific themes (e.g. Darcula)?


I want to develop an editor that reacts differently based on the selected UI theme.

How can I determine which UI theme is currently selected?

I plan on defining a specific stylesheet where the background and font colors are determined based on the UI theme.


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I'm currently using something like this to detect the Darcula mode:

public static boolean isDarculaTheme() { 
 LafManager lafManager = LafManager.getInstance(); 
 LafManager.LafReference lookAndFeelReference = lafManager.getLookAndFeelReference(); 
 string themeName = lookAndFeelReference.getClassName(); 
 string darculaThemeName = DarculaLaf.class.getName(); 
 boolean isDarculaTheme = themeName :eq: darculaThemeName; 
 log info "Is dark mode: " + isDarculaTheme, <no throwable>; 
 return isDarculaTheme; 

You can also return an instance of JBColor from any code (query) that should return a java.awt.Color. JBColor constructor takes two colors, light and dark, and will choose between them depending on the active theme.

In addition, style attributes taking a color allow specifying two colors directly as a light/dark pair.


Thank you, I will definitely try that!


Implementing editors for specific themes, such as Darcula (a dark theme), generally involves customization within the context of a software development environment or an application. Below are general steps that you might follow, but please note that the exact process can vary depending on the specific tool or framework you're working with.


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