Automate Rebuild language with Ant or Gradle

How does one “rebuild language ‘some language name’” from Ant, or ideally from Gradle?

Context, I have a Gradle project with a task that packages a couple of languages into a plugin and then generates and RCP which uses the plugin

All is well but I want to improve the process.  If for example, if upstream a DSL developper changes something in one of the languages, they then have to right-click on the language (in the logical view) and “rebuild language”.  This is required to generate the jars used by the Gradle task when building the RCP.

I want to automate this step. I want Gradle to do it.   i.e When running the Gradle task, the language rebuild is executed so that we can be sure all changes are included in the subsequent RCP build.

I did find this in the documentation, however I need this to work for 2022.3 which doesn't appear to use .mpr files (caveat, I'm new to MPS, Ant and Gradle, so apologies if I've missed anything basic)

Thanks in advance


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