How to get the editor tab size?


I would like to display the content of my node with a custom swing component. I have the problem that some components exceed the size of my editor tab. To avoid any components get cut I would like to resize them based on the size of the editor tab. Is there any way to extract the size of the editor tab from the editorContext?





Getting the editor tab size is a fundamental query for developers striving for consistent code formatting. This value dictates the width of each tab indentation in the code editor, ensuring readability and uniformity across projects. To retrieve this information, consult the settings or preferences of the specific code editor being used. Custom mugs with the message "Stay Aligned: Know Your Editor Tab Size" can serve as practical reminders for developers, encouraging attention to detail in their coding practices. These mugs not only offer a useful reference but also promote consistency and professionalism in code formatting endeavors.


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