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For all the people that are using the social news website reddit there is good news: I have created a new subreddit called r/jetbrains_mps.  I felt like MPS was a bit under-represented on this huge website. You might want to check it out or even post one of your projects that you are working on (if it isn't already posted).  As a start I posted 25 things that I find interesting. Any contributions are welcome as always.


Hello Alexander

I think that everybody would agree, that growing the community is a good idea. But I am not sure that a subreddit is the way to do it. And my argument is not about the fact that it is reddit, or any other platfrom. I would say that fracturing or distributing the community over several places does not grow the community. I don't think that anybody will per chance find the mps subreddit and then get curious and try MPS.

In my opinion, all it does, is make people look for answers in more than one place, which is something I find very annoying. 

This is just my 2 cents, and others might disagree, but I would like to keep the community here in this forum.




On a side note, fracturing already happened. Stackoverflow  has already almost 50 MPS related questions.
I agree that questions should be asked here in the forum and fracturing is not a good idea but what I am missing
is a place to find blog posts and projects of other members of the community. Following everyone on Twitter
and searching Github for MPS projects is currently the only solution. I want to have a place for sharing projects, news, success stories etc. and not primarily for asking questions.  

What do others think about this? I'd like to here your opinions as well.




I think you are right, that it would be nice to have a permanten place to share our projects. And a forums post is not really a good way to collect all projects. Maybe the people from jetbrains have an idea ???



I liked the subreddit and I support Alexander. In general I think it's important to try out ideas and see what works and what doesn't.


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