Rebuilding from right click menu not working proeprly

Once i change the default lookandfeel of MPS, the rebuild functionality is not working properly.

Usually when we rebuild by right clicking a model or solution it first check the model and then rebuild the model or solution, but as i override the default look and feel when i right click on a solution or model and click rebuild action it only checks model and do not invoke rebuild progress till i click on the editor.

Note: Rebuild invocation via shortcut (Ctrl+F9) is working fine & The new look and feel have no problem other then this.

I know the information i provided is not sufficient, but in case any one have and faced similar issue please help me.

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This certainly is unexpected behavior. Could you specify how exactly you changed the look'n'feel? Do I understand correctly that after model-checking you click in the editor and this triggers the rebuild? Did restarting MPS help?

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Hi Vaclav,

This code is working fine:

UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new MetalLookAndFeel());

Where as the below code is causing the problem as i stated.

UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new NimbusLookAndFeel());


Just put this code any where(I am creating a plugin and executing) and then execute it.

Restarting MPS doesn't helps. (Not sure why NimbusLookAndFeel is behaving unexpectedly)

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I can't see a reason for this at the first glance. I suggest that you create an issue in YouTrack for us.


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