Monitoring a user's interactions with MPS


is there any language in MPS to collect and report on trace information of a user's activity in MPS. Something like Mylyn for Eclipse.

We want to monitor a group of developers in a user study to capture their editor hint changes, editor window selections, editor events, AST selections, periods of inactivity, use of keyboard shortcuts, selected intentions and so on.

If there is no out of the box language, it would be great if you could give us hints on how to listen on user interactions (keybindings, selections and so on). We already know that capturing changes to the module is straightforward through SRepositoryListeners, SModuleListeners, and SNodeChangeListeners.



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found several listeners that are quite helpful: EditorComponentCreateListener, FileEditorManagerListener, AnActionListener.

Moreover, we use an AWTEventListener attached to the toolkit.




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