Parsing JSON

Hi fellow MPS-enthusiasts,

Is there a JSON language (similar to the XML language from JetBrains)?

And does someone maybe have an example of parsing JSON files to MPS concepts?

Thanks for any hints/pointers!

Best Regards,



Thanks Federico! I tried to migrate it to MPS 3.3, but unfortunately it doesn't work out of the box. Probably needs a cascaded migration via older MPS versions. Do you know which version it was made in?



Unfortunately I do not remember. It is 4 years old, it could be versione 2.x?
I am not even sure if it is worthy to go over the trouble to perform a complex migration because the project was rather simple. Maybe it is just faster to rewrite it :)


Alright, that's a good consideration. Thanks for your fast replies and your tips!


I know this thread is quite old. @Eugen, @Federico have you managed to migrate it to 3.3 or is it better to just build a JSON language myself?


I would suggest to rewrite it: I could port it at some time in the future but I do not know when, while you probably can recreate it in a few hours


Thanks for the quick response.


Hi m sch95, unortunately I didn't have time to build a new one yet. But if you get time to do something and want to publish it, please do drop me a link :) I'll do the same if I get to it earlier (unlikely).


Thanks for the response Eugen,

I'm also busy atm. I don't know if I'll have time for it in the future or if JSON is actually necessary for our use case in MPS. I'm just considering all options atm.

If I have a working JSON language in MPS, I will certainly try to publish it. Thanks guys!


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