false negative Editor test case


I need an expected fail for my Editor test case.

As far as I understand from reading the code, there is a hard expectation of the editedNode being same as the result in the BaseEditorTestBody

jetbrains.mps.lang.test.runtime.BaseEditorTestBody lines 160-167

node<> editedNode = myBefore;
NodesMatcher nm = new NodesMatcher();
List<NodeDifference> diff = nm.match(Collections.singletonList(editedNode), Collections.singletonList(myResult));
assert null equals diff;
if (myFinish != null) {
  myFinish.assertSelectionIsTheSame(myCurrentEditorComponent, (map<node<>, node<>>) nm.getMap());

Is there any way to achieve a successful unit test run because the Editor test case was failing? 

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