Some more suggestions

- Include 'non-text' elements like boxes, lines, mathematical symbols to the editor display. Also maybe allow vertical/horizontal centered layouts. With this it should be possible to create something like mathematical-style or UML-like editor layouts. You don't need to go overboard with it, but there are a lot of posibilities to go beyond simple text-editor-graphics, maybe explore them cautiously bit by bit.

- The 'graying' of the field with focus overrides the text-color, so syntax-hilighting informations is lost for the active input field. Maybe replace the graying with a border around active cell, a blinking underline or best: Don't show focus of the whole cell and only use a blinking text-cursor instead, because it should be already obvious which cells is which, even if a cell isn't selected. Use 'Idea-style' error hilighing.

- if you select i.e. 'concept links' in a concept declaration and press 'enter', MPS displays ''. In cases like this, the system could display the chooser-popup without requiring the user to press ctrl-space. The same goes for other fields which receive focus and which only have a limited number of possible values (like true/false in 'is root').

Cursor movement should be more 'text-editor'-compatible:

- if you reached the most-left/most-right position in a line, move to the previous/next line if you press left/right again.

- Same for 'end' and 'pos 1' keys: Press once and move to start/end of actual cell, press twice, move to start/end of line.

- Use PageUp/Down: Keys with ctrl moves to start/end-line of actual editor content. Without, moves a screen-hight up/down.

- Don't make unneccessary cells editable/selectable, like 'extends' in a structure declaration. Go to the next/previous editable cell directly (next-cell on click).

- Use something like 'ctrl-y' to delete 'lines' instead of the 'delete'-key. Example:

In 'links' of 'concept declaration'  you need to select 'target' to delete the whole entry. Make 'target' (and also 'specializes') non-selectable instead and use 'ctrl-y' to delete the whole line in situations like this.

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Cursor movement should be more 'text-editor'-compatible:

I agree. I understand the advantages of a structure-based (or sintax-tree) editing rather than simple text-editing, however, at the moment, I miss the "fluidity" of the free text editing experience.

Since the structure editor it very "modal" (i.e. the possible action choices depends on the type of the selected cell) IMHO it would be very useful to show a sticky "help box" with the currently available choices.


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See MPS-224 for one problem.



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