Cannot resolve symbol 'SemanticNode'

This occurs in the HelloWorldGenerator method templateMappingRule_SourceQuery_AllHelloWorlds() in when the tutorial code is pasted in. Is there a library missing?

p.s. I assume 'Aspect Methods' have been renamed 'Query Methods', because that was the only available option for the 'for each' clause in the HelloWorldGenerator... ?

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Hi Dave,

We forgot to update the tutorial.

There wore few renames (see

In particular, the SemanticNode has been renamed to SNode

Sorry for inconvenience, Igor.

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Thanks Igor - it's looking fairly good so far.

My main criticism would be the user interface - when using the code completion and adding items to fields, if you don't have the cursor in exactly the right position at the beginning of the field, it won't behave as expected, and it doesn't always position the cursor in the correct place when  it creates an entry field. It makes the IDE a bit frustrating to use...


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