Tabbing sometimes highlights a blank area of the screen

Sometimes the tab sequence will highlight a blank area of the screen, there is nothing in the highlighted area at all.

I'm using the latest released version of MPS.

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Could you provide more information about how to reproduce it?

We had something like this some time ago and I think this bug is fixed.

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Here are some examples of this and some other highlights that I wonder about.

In the first attachment, the highlight is on

something that doesn't appear to be changeable

by the user, but I could be wrong about that.

There are several examples of this on this

page and others.

In the second attachment, the highlight is on

something else not changeable.

In the third, it's on an empty portion of the

screen.  There are several such empty tab stops

on this particular screen.

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It isn't bug. In MPS you can make some cells selectable and some not. We didn't set selectable to false in every place where we could do it. In next build we will try to fix most of them.


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