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can I extend an editor for my own language, so it gets macro capability?

If I had this, I could press ctrlshiftm in my own editor to create a macro, just as it is possible in the base language editor.

I have been trying for hours without success. Has anyone done this before and can tell me the steps I have to follow?



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To create an editor with template capabilities you should generate a template editor first. If you look at our baseLanguage you will see in addition to an regular editor jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage.editor a template editor jetbrains.transformation.baseLanguage.editor. This editor is responsible for template editing.

To create template editor you have to:

  • Generate template editor : choose Generate -> Template Editor... A dialog will appear. Choose your language in a list and an output directory for your model and than press ok. A model will be generated
  • Open your language properties. In an editors section add another editor by pression control+enter. Change it stereotype to templates and set a new generated model as an editor model. If you have problems with it you can use jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage as an example
  • Generate code from this model and compile it.
  • Now you can create new template models. To use templates choose templates in model stereotype and than you can use macros and other stuff from templates language


Thanks, I have learned, that I need to generate code from the editor template model and not just generate the language.

Still I got a problem generating code from the template editor, since the template editor needs a Queries file that is not provided.

Please see the discussion in thread:


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