Text presentation as metaprogram

I think it will be very helpful if text presentation would be simply a kind of metaprogram, generated from model concepts only we are interested in (not all as it's now) to the target language like textLanguage.


- conceptual easy (no need for additional study cases);

- simplier support (if model had changed & we need to update text presentation) because it's possible to view text presentation lacks directly;

- no more need to comply with hardcoded Java reflection naming conventions;

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in my view the text/file generation is not part of a model mapping/transformation.

It is rather separate finalization step which requires certain configuration facilities and dedicated DSL, but talks about target language are not look like very  relevant.


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That's right, metaprogramming isn't relevant in this case. Saying "metaprogram" I meant "templates engine". I guess that advantages you can achieve with making text presentation with MPS support instead of hardcoding may be great.

It's good idea to address special DSL for this issue:)


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