new build: #339

MPS build 339 is now out. You can download it from

  • some generator queries could now be written in MPS, not in IntelliJ IDEA

  • Replace shortcut ControlP with AltF1

  • Improved save transient modules' behaviour

  • Ability to show/hide all props/refs in tree

  • BaseLang:(!)in ClassConcept reference on superclass (role: "extendedClass")

              has been replaced with aggregation 'superclass' with target - ClassifierType.

              Please, review your models and make appropriate corrections.

              IMPORTANT: if 'extendedClass' has a reference macro attached, then remove this macro in the first place!!!

  • Generator: NEW rewriting rules. Model rewriting takes place before main mapping  

  • EditorLang: NEW dsl for cell's autocompletion menus

  • ConstraintsLang: added a way to define 'referent set handler' for specific reference link

  • Alt-Del: safe delete

  • Shift-F6: rename

  • F6: move, relayout re-binded to F12

  • Ctrl-Shift-R: go to HELGINS typesystem rules associated with concept

  • Ctrl-ADD Ctrl-SUBTRACT Ctrl-Shift-ADD Ctrl-Shift-SUBTRACT unfold/fold (all)

  • Editor: ability to create foldable cells

  • 'Rename concept' refactoring


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