Error generating TheSimplestLanguage

Hi all,

I've just downloaded the latest MPS build #339, and am running it with IDEA 6.0.4. I'm trying to get thru the "Getting Started With MPS" tutorial, but am gettings errors at the point where is says to "Generate Language" (about a third of the way through the tutorial).

The error log starts off like this (is there any way to copy the entire log, instead of just a single line?):

The target model java.lang@java_stub doesn't contain node with ERI=[ClassConcept]String

Invalid reference "baseMethodDeclaration" in templates model jetbrains.mps.bootstrap.structureLanguage.generator.baseLanguage@templates

Couldn't resolve reference classifier from ClassifierType [1096027917153] in jetbrains.mps.bootstrap.structureLanguage.generator.baseLanguage@templates

Any help is appreciated.



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Hello, Matthew.

We don't support TheSimplestLanguage tutorial in this build. Actually it's hardly possible to enter this example in current version of MPS because some features, that are used in it, are deprecated now (we are getting rid of Query methods, and in the next build it will be possible to write all generator code in MPS using DSLs).

If you want to look at and play with TheSimplestLangauge, you can open it from %MPS_HOME%/projects/TheSimplestLanguage.


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I just got the exact same error on OS X with 6.0.4 when trying to generate a language with 1 concept with 1 string property (the most simple language you can get I think :).

Have no idea how to fix it. I'm guessing this means MPS is broken on OS X?


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