Need advice - how to "repair" the project...

I have a mps project that was created long time ago.. and it is not openable anymore in latest builds... To be more precise, the last build that can open the project is 239.

It would take lot of time to manually re-create it.. Could you take a look at the exceptions thrown when the project is opened, please? Perhaps it can be easily fixed with some kind of search-replace? Thanks!

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Hi Igor, try these steps :

1. in languageDescriptor.mpl:  replace attribute name 'fqName' with 'modelUID'

2. delete all *.mws files

3. delete all class files

4. delete all jetbrains.mps.... java files from source\

5. delete all from 'source_gen'

6. open mcp250xx.ipr in IDEA and add the correct mps.jar to the module libs

7. run mps 415 (preferably with jdk 1.6)


8. generate structure

9. fix errors in your old source code:

    - the SModelUtil is renamed to SModelUtil_new - make appropriate changes

    - structure is now generated to package mcp250xx.structure, node is not instance of the generated structure class any more.

        instread of

        UserData userData = (UserData) node


        UserData userData = (UserData) node.getAdapter();


10. in editor model: all references to properties/links in property/ref- cells are lost - recover manually

11. remove the duplicating TransmitBuffer_Editor

12. write new 'model accessor' in the UserData_Editor

13. generate editor

After that you should be able to open and edit nodes in your solution



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