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Could we get a new build anytime soon. Now that you stirred my interest in MPS again with this tracker, I'd like to play around with it a bit more seriously than the last time - some 2 years ago.

The current build expires on March, 31 and the IDEA plugin doesn't seem to work correctly. The agreement example has a dependency on something called MPS - most likely a global  library that unfortunately wasn't created by the plugin.

Is it possible to get the tracker source as an example for MPS or something similar?



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Hello, Robert.

We will release a new build before march 31 so you will be able to experiment with it. In the next version it will be possible (and recommended) using MPS without IntelliJ IDEA.

There is a workaround for you problem in the old version of build. You can create MPS library manually. Just include the jar files from MPS's lib directory and everything should work well. If you have more questions/problems don't hesitate to ask.



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