MPS build #578 is out

Among the new features:

- improved model properties dialog (automatic import of models/languages on module level)

- devkits refactored

- simplification of classpaths in modules

- auto resolver

- unit test runner

- todo view and todo highlighting in mps

- icons in plugin actions

You can download it from <a href="">here</a> as usual

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Among the new features:


You can download it from ...

Very nice, but:

Could the download be lighter (smaller)?  Each version gets few MB bigger :(.

Or at least separated into a few parts so that only what's changing to require to be downloaded.

I can imagine that most of the defined languages don't change too often, but the tool.

Or if the above is not possible, than at least some better compression?

Of course another approach would be to use a "plug-in architecture" like the one in IntelliJ, for

the languages, so that the users download only those that they need.

Thanks in advance,



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