Plugin Language and JavaCC

1) Has there been consideration given to defining a plugin language for MPS ?

I noticed that for IntelliJ 8 some files required for Plugins are now XML based and since these can be considered a DSL I thought of MPS.

Also when I look behind some of MPS generated files I see a healthy amount of XML

2) Is it practical say for a MPS 2.0/3.0 time frame to import JavaCC language definitions ?

Disclaimer: I am still trying to get my head around TheSimplestLanguage video so this is not a request, or a need, and I don't want to

distract your focus. However, I am curious since JetBrains is know for their practical/workable approaches .

-Rob Leland

Permanently deleted user

Hello, Rob,

We have plugin language. A language can extend IDE with actions, tools, editor etc. All you need to start writing plugins is to create a plugin aspect model in your language.

We have no plans of supporting JavaCC. Actually, I don't understand why someone may need it. If you import a text base grammar from some tool, it will require a lot of changes to adapt it to the MPS.

P.S. You mentioned our hello world tutorial. We are now working on more extensive tutorial which will show a lot more features than hello world. If you are interested and can provide comments on it, I can send you a draft version.


I figured with IntelliJ's great refactoring that this would be a breeze :-) !


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