Feedback: Video Walkthrough for MPS

When creating TheSimplestLanguage Video when defining the simplest concept what key stroke is used to escape out of typing

'Hello World Program' so you saw 'choose cell model' ?(See attached image)

Two small suggestion: When pressing key control sequences explicitly enumerate the keyboard shortcuts typed.

Do this either verbally or what's probably easier, since the video has already been made, overlay the text of the key shortcut over the video itself,

which would help non English speakers.

You could also record the whole lesson as a macro. Then provide 1 video in english, and 1 copy with no audio.

This would allow people, volunteers, who speak different languages to provide a translation of the video.

The macro would allow an unambiguous recording of the key strokes required to reproduce the walk through.

There is lots of good material here,

Rob Leland

concept node layout.png
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In order to escape typing, you should press enter. (if you want to add the same thing before a place where you typing you, should press insert).

We are planning to replace hello world tutorial with more extensive one. Of course, we will make screencasts from it. It's a good idea to show pressed keys as a text. I think we will do when we create a new screencast.



I believe that TheSimplestLanguage tutorial, with just a few small changes, is necessary as it offers a single slice from start to finish that can be completed in  a short period of time. This can be watched while commuting. Certainly a more detailed tutorial is needed however as you have probably discovered recording a tutorial can be time intensive. More thoughts later.


Thanks, the Insert was the step I was looking for.

Should INSERT be added to the 'Show cell keymaps' ?



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