How to create and use my own type?


It seems that I should be able to use my own concept (quoted) in a right side of the type equation (according to typesystem documentation (e.g. I've created a test language with two sample concepts CurrencyLiteral and CurrencyType, and tried to add and type inference rule for the CurrencyLiteral concept

typeof(literal) :==: <CurrencyType>

Unfortunately, I'm just able to create quotation node, but not a CurrencyType child node - autocompletion options do not contain it.

Am I missing something important here?

Thank you.

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Hello, Konstantin,

In order to use a type inside of quotation, you need to add a language which you write quotation in used model section of typesystem model. Add it manually (It's probably a bug. It should have been added automatically).

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Thanks, works like a charm!


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