Will we be allowed to use custom generated file names?


At the moment, DefaultFileGenerator generates file name using the name of the output node; the only thing we're allowed to override is the file extension. In some cases, we would need to transform node name (e.g. when node is named using CamelCase and coding standards assume that words in file name should be separated by underscores). So, could you shed the light on if (or when) this will be allowed?

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Hello, Konstantin,

Using DefaultFileGenerator isn't a right way to generate files. It's implementation detail which can be changed.

If you want to create a custom text generator, I recomment you to use gtext language. This language allows you to generate an arbitrary text files which names you can specify. If you need example, take a look at jetbrains.mps.xml language's generator.

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Thank you for your fast answer.

I think, 'File Generator' should be marked as deprecated / internal in the plugin menu to avoid such confusion? (Similar to FileGeneratorPlugin)


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