Editing the baseLanguage.mpr with MPS

Hi MPS team!

I'm trying to modify the baseLanguage itself and build my own custom MPS from sources.

I tried to simply open the MPS_SRC/baseLanguage/baseLanguage/baseLanguage.mpr project in MPS, but it works not the way I expected - the baseLanguage language is still marked as (packaged), I get some NPE's while trying to regenerate the language, plus wrong paths errors and so on. I guess I'm not doing it right.

I wonder how do you edit the baseLanguage itself?

Best wishes,


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Hello Alexander

You can start MPS from souces.

Open MPS.ipr file in Intellij Idea and start MPSLaucher run configuration.

Then you can edit any language in sources.


Evgeny Kurbatsky


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