I still don't get what MPS is about

Is MPS a tool to generate a language to be integrated as a library into an another application or is a tool for creating an dsl editor ?

The tutorial and guide goes straight into how to do stuffs whereas I still don't know what's the purpose of the stuff.

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The ultimate purpose of MPS is to create a solution. We call solution a module in mps project which is basically set of mps models.
When solution is ready, developer applies generation to produce a set of textual files (java files, xml, html or whatever – depends on solution) which is outcome of software development process in MPS.

But, writing a solution requires programming languages defined in MPS proprietary format. Wherefore MPS also provides means for defining those languages.

That’s it – dual purpose.

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How does or will MPS integrate with IntelliJ?

I am considering MPS as a tool to define/generate DSLs for use with NetKernel. I do my NetKernel development in IntelliJ so it seems natural to think of MPS as a way of defining special-purpose languages that I would use in conjunction with Java, Scala, etc.

-- Randy


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