Behaviour of concept-references when mapping/reducing


where does references point if one mapped or reduced the target-node in a minor/major step before?

Lets say i have a concept A which is reduced/mapped to concept B within generator-transition 1_0 -> 1_1. There also exist a concept RefA in 1_0 which has a reference to concept A but is not reduced/mapped in this first step (or maybe some other concept is reduced to RefA in 1_0 -> 1_1 whcih seems to be possible). So what about RefA within the next generator step (f.e. 1_1 -> 1_2). Does it point to NIL or B or somewhat shadowed A?

Or do i have to reduce/map all references to A within generator-transition 1_0 -> 1_1?



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Hi Mirko,

If A was reduced to B and RefA was merely copied, then, in transient model 1_1, reference in node RefA will be pointing to B.
But, if RefA was reduced or otherwise mapped to node RefA’ in 1_1, then it is responsibility of corresponding generator rules to maintain references in the output model.
Normally, you use reference-macro in this case.



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