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Hi! I need to create concept "quantifier" and in it's editor, in "node cell layout" make two parametres on choice: quantifier of existence(∃) and generality quantifier(∀). How can I make this?

I tried to do like this:
  node cell layout:             
     [- quant (if true: ∀  if) -]
                  false: ∃      

But it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi moovix,

one way is to create a general concept (abstract or interface) - lets say concept <Quantifier> and create two extensions/implementations (concept <Existence>, concept <Generality>) from <Quantifier>. Than

give your extensions f.e. the concept-property-alias "∃" or "∀" respectively ("alias" is perfect as you would see it in the context-completion of your editor). Now you would have 2 choices:

1) create first element in your Quantifier-Expression (the one that stands for f.e. "∀a ...." ) to be of type <Quantifier> and show its property "alias" (Ctrl-Space should show 2 possibilities)

2) define editor in <Quantifier> to show its property "alias" and include the elemtn in the editor in your Quantifier-Expression

Another way would be to think about defining an action that reacts on special key-strokes ... but i think the solution explained above will do the job.

Hope that helped,



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