version control defaults for svn

Hi, I have the following questions/suggestions for svn vers

ion control:

- which files/artefacts should be ignored (by svn) ?

I think these are e.g. source_gen.caches directories, *.bak files etc, right ?

- are there additional candidates ?

- can MPS have default ignores svn:ignore *.bak source_gen.caches for those automatically ?

(I can setup them manuall but IMO it would make sense to have usefull defaults)



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Hello, Berni,

Actually, we in MPS do add source_gen.caches into version control. Yes, this information is generated by MPS, but we find it useful to have it in repo. For example, hash files contain information about generation status, so if one developer generates a model, other developers see that this model does not need to be generated.

MPS does exclude classes_gen folders, apart from that we do not have that kind of defaults, so you have to setup them by yourself.




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