Can I use MPS to create a compiler?

I need to compile some files from my DSL into Java (and then to java bytecode) can MPS help me create that compiler? If yes, will there be a command line compiler or only IDE?


Of course, this is the core function of MPS.

The only limitation - your DLS must not be text-based. I mean, the only editor for your DSL should be MPS editor itself (which it the best editor I know).

Anything else is doeable, including ant-script support.

BTW, MPS calls this kind of compilation with other word, generation.


Hey, I have the same problem.

I want to create an independent compiler that allow me to use a command like "dslc xxx.dsl" to convert the dsl into java or other hosted-language.

Can I and How?


In order to run MPS from the command line, you need to employ the build language to create And scripts -



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