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I there a way to specify an OR in the operand type in an editor.

For instance, I have my own greaterthenexpression (I guess that is already a bad idea) with an editor like :

Rightype >(alias) Leftype.

At the moment right and left Type are defined as Children "Indicator concept" in the expression structure which allows me to generate java code to check if an indicator is bigger then another.

But what If I want to use DoubleType on the right expression like Indicator > 3 as well?

I would like to specify to the editor that the right operand could be or an Indicator or a Double, and of course the editor should limit the possible entries to those two types.

I know it it possible to overload operator and operation type, but this does not change the fact that at the moment I can only encode Indicator type and not Double type in my editor.

Thanks Thomas

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Hi Guys,

Any help would be nice as this problem is pretty blocking.



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