Behavior generation error


I have inequation statement in the inference method, but after generation some errors appears. I don't know how to correct them. Can anybody help me??? %)

  public static void call_checkDefaultSyntaxValues_2103069454645394557(SNode thisNode, final TypeCheckingContext typeCheckingContext, SNode defaultSyntax) {
    List<SNode> fieldSpecs = SLinkOperations.getTargets(thisNode, "fieldSpecs", true);
    List<SNode> fieldSettings = SLinkOperations.getTargets(defaultSyntax, "fieldSetting", true);

    for (SNode fieldSetting : ListSequence.fromList(fieldSettings)) {

//at if statement error (first error in the list): ASN\behavior\ : Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s) (line: 177)
      if (SNodeOperations.isInstanceOf(SLinkOperations.getTarget(fieldSetting, "setting", true), "ASN.structure.ValueSetting")) {



          //here ':<=:' statement (more valuable mistake in my opinion)
          <!TextGen not found for 'jetbrains.mps.lang.smodel.structure.SNodeType'!> _nodeToCheck_1029348928467 = value;
          BaseIntentionProvider intentionProvider = null;
          typeCheckingContext.createLessThanInequation((SNode)type, (SNode)value, _nodeToCheck_1029348928467, type + " value expected", "r:c1f894d1-f3b9-4d18-a511-78be0ad50d06(ASN.behavior)", "6366208545133881824", false, 0, intentionProvider);



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I've wrote some about "TextGen not found ..." error here

As SNodeType is a concept from MPS package, I can tell exactly that generator for it is defined, and it is likely that the problem is in generator priorities.

So, you can try to find using "show generator partitioning" action, or post the non-working code here - in this case, I could find the problem.




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