Hudson MPS plugin


do you know if a plugin for hudson CI exists or is planned? If not - what do you think has to be done to build one.

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It does not exist and is not planned.

If you would like to make your own tool (like Idea's integration with TeamCity), you can use plugin aspect of your language and write your own tools, actions, etc. The only (not very big) problem will appear when you'll try to integrate with VCS - there's no DSL for VCS manipulation, so we can't guarantee that out java-code will stay compatible with Hudson support code. If you would like to add such a support, and will need some extension points that are not present in MPS yet, you can file your requests to our issue tracker (

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If you would like to contribute into MPS source code, it's also possible (we have an open Git repository and are ready to apply some patches from outer contributors).


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