Managing Version Control


I am having some trouble trying to manage version control in my projects. Is there any documentation on that?

In particular,

1) how do I add files to the ignore list? I know this was asked before here but I didn't find an answer. I don't want to commit things like source_gen, so I added them to svn:ignore, but it does not seem to work.

2) how are different version control systems integrated? For example, I have both svn and git on a project. If I change something, it gets highlighted. But then if I commit, will it commit to both? What if one of them fails and they get unsynchronized, will the changes still be highlighted?

3) how can I control the "roots under VCS"? For example, I wanted to remove svn from my project and keep using only git. Can I say something like "don't worry about svn in this project"?

Thanks for the great system!


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Hello, Thiago!

Unfortunatly we do not have documentation for Version Control support. Mostly, using vcs in MPS is similar to using it in IDEA. We have some documentation about changes highlighting though:

On your questions:

  1. If you do not whant to add generated files to version control, you can go to "Settings"->"Project Settings"->"Version Control"->"Generated Files" and check "Ignore generated files". Other ignored files are configured in  "Settings"->"Project Settings"->"Version Control"->"Ignored Files".
  2. Different VCS systems works separately. So if one of them somehow fails, the other should work. When commiting, you will see changes in both VCS in the commit dialog suggested for commit.
  3. Settings for VCS roots are located in "Settings"->"IDE Settings"->"Version Control (IDE)"->"When new VCS roots are discovered". You can select "Do nothing" option and remove mapping to svn from "Settings"->"Project Settings"->"Version Control". This way you'll be using only git.



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Hi Julia,

thanks! That's everything I needed!




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