Support for multiline editor-cell?


for some documentation-purpose it would be good to have some kind of cell supporting multi-line texts (similar to html-textareas). I played a little around with the styles and other editor stuff and couldn't find anything. I think such functionality is not supported yet, isn't it? Or did i overlook something? Is something like that planed for the (near) future?

What i'd like to have is:

- multiline-behavior :-)

- selection across linebreaks (editorContext-support for sure)

- explicite or implicite linebreaks (carriage-return or styles: max width; max character-count ...)

- optional but pretty cool: formatting-options within that "textarea" (bold, italic and the like)

Anyway, it would be nice if at least the multiline-behavior would be possible or is planed for a soon release... ;-)



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This feature should be implemented as a part of: MPS-9390 request planned for MPS 2.0 release.


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