Multiline and free form text

Hi folks!

Disclaim: I've met MPS some time ago, so my question is definitely stupid.

I'm trying to create a DSL for a questionnaire content creation. The resulting language should be about so:

    How are you?
        The tip here is a quite simple. You should be honest! 
        We are not asking you because we want to be polite. 
        We REALLY want to know how are you.
            I'm good!
        answer [setFlag yesterday]
            I'm good, but!
 Was yesterday better? 
 Choose this one!
        answer [setValue language=de]
            Was? Ich spreche nur Deutsch.

question [requiresFlag yesterday] And what was there?
        Bla, bla, bla, et cetera and so on

question [requiresValue language=de] Aber wir sprechen nicht! Tschüß!
        answer [setValue language=en]
            Ok, I'll learn English!
        answer [action accomplish]

I have no idea how to make a support of multiline and free form text. What I've done up to this moment - HELL! For example, as soon as I've finished typing the first line of the text, I should press ENTER and CTRL+SPACE then ENTER before I'll be able to type the second line. It is not really comfortable. Another issues are related to copy-paste: pasting the multiline block of text to the language editor and copying of the several lines of text from the editor.
Is it possible to make the editor be more user-friendly, or I'm expecting too much?

Ivan Eryshov.
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For now you can handle Enter key on "low level" - by adding keymap to the corresponding cell (see inspector of this cell) in MPS editor definition. This keymap should handle Enter key and create appropriate model element.

Later (in MPS 2.0) this possibility will be moved to action map section.

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