Aggressive completion - is that intentional?

I was surprised how aggressive MPS completion is. I wanted to insert "setLayout..." statement but after writing "setl" code itself morphed into "set<l> <no name>;" (without any ctrl&space). Now I know I can do the right thing with sL<complete>, but anyway... is this "MPS way" or is this considered bug? What's the inner reason behind such an aggressive completion behaviour?

As an off topic question (but couldn't google it elsewhere and don't want to create two threads) - how to start new statment in base language (probably any language)? In some older threade ( it seems to be Ctrl+Enter+Enter, but it doesn't work in current EAP version.

(Actually third question, couldn't find it in Wiki help :-): How to write PLUS easily on this forum? :-))
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1. You can file a request for it. Currently MPS is trying to substitute text as soon as it can.. This leads us to so "aggressive" completion..

2. Looks like this feature was dropped.. ;-) I'm going to investigate this question.

AFAIKSee, single + in a posting works good... But once I type two PLUSES it starts being recognized as underlining formatting start/stop symbol...

Proper way is to use {noformat} ... {noformat} notation.
I.e. type: {noformat}Ctrl+Enter{noformat}

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